January 30, 2018

Funding supports education, economic development and charitable giving in Northern New Mexico


Students, small businesses and other community members and groups in Northern New Mexico will benefit this year from a recent $1.875 million grant from Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS). The LANS Board of Governors approved the funding through Oct. 1 to support education, economic development and community giving in the region. 

“The board’s decision continues their legacy of positive community support that totals $34.8 million since 2006,” said Laboratory Director Terry Wallace. “This commitment allows us to continue to work with organizations across the region, magnifying the impact of our employees’ generous support of nonprofits.”

Funds approved by the LANS Board of Governors are administered through a Community Commitment Plan managed by the Laboratory’s Community Partnerships Office. A portion of these funds will be used to match employee contributions made as a part of the Employee Giving Campaign. This year’s match will be 27 cents on the dollar.

 “We want to thank LANS for maximizing their match for employees’ contributions through the Employee Giving Campaign. We are also pleased to have LANS funding for our ongoing partnerships with community organizations to improve the quality of life for families in Northern New Mexico. These partnerships benefit both the region and the Laboratory,” said Kathy Keith, director of the Laboratory’s Community Partnership Office.

One organization receiving funds is the LANL Foundation, which works on a range of education programs in the region.

“As longtime partners with Los Alamos National Laboratory and LANS, the LANL Foundation is grateful for LANS’ continued support for our mission to inspire excellence in education and learning in Northern New Mexico,” said Jenny Parks, chief executive officer of the LANL Foundation. “LANS contributes to The Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund, which has helped more than 1,300 local students pursue their dreams of higher education.”

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